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Whether your business is just starting its DEI initiatives or already has programs underway, GEM has the flexibility to meet you where your business is.

GEM helps startups and VCs in their DEI jourey!


You care about DEI, want to measure it in your portfolio companies and report it to your LPs. However, there is no established metrics or standardized way to do this.

GEM can help!


You understand how important DEI is for the foundation of your organization but don’t have the resources to focus on this now.

GEM can help!


You care about DEI, but don’t have the resources to properly address it.

We get it. You recognize how important DEI is for your organization but have other priorities. You are doing the best you can.

GEM’s tools are accessible and easy to use, and provide clear guidance on how to properly and efficiently address DEI.

We offer data-driven insights and evidence-proven solutions to ensure that your efforts are worthwhile.

Larger companies

You already have DEI policies and programs in place, but they aren’t enough.

We get it. You are investing time and money on DEI, but still don’t see the results you need. You understand how important DEI is, but feel that your efforts are not worthwhile.

GEM has a data-driven approach that provides clarity around issues that need to be addressed, and greater insight into the programs that actually work.

Bringing data, structure and accountability to your DEI process can be a game

Startups & SMB

“Recruiting diverse talent is harder”
We know that hiring diverse talent can be challenging. At GEM we link you with experts to ease this process and help you start your company on the right foot.

“Creating a DEI strategy seems unnecessary”
It is important to have a holistic overview of your company’s DEI needs and an integrated strategy. You might have DEI efforts in place, a proper analysis and prioritization of initiatives, will allow you to efficiently allocate your DEI dollars.

“We have no-one to coordinate trainings, and no time to do them anyways”
We offer short, engaging trainings to cover the basics and ensure that all employees “get it” and are on the same page regarding DEI.

“We have no DEI data or way to collect it”
You need to start collecting data, measuring and tracking, pushing efforts forward. Complete a short assessment and learn about KPIs that your company needs

Larger companies

“We recruit diverse but still have no diversity at the top”
Recruiting is important and it is the first step towards diversity, however it is not enough. It must be followed by efforts to create an inclusive culture to support the needs of all employees, for them to feel safe and to be able to achieve their maximum potential.

“We struggle to make our DEI goals a reality”
This may happen for many reasons, but it is usually because of how DEI is viewed at the top. Diversity debt is very difficult to close once the company has deep roots. GEM’s business lens of DEI initiatives can help you create engagement at the top so that DEI is addressed and valued as any other business area.

“Employees don’t feel supported by the DEI we have in place”
This may happen for many reasons: little communication, dense/unappealing initiatives or even misalignment of initiatives with employee’s needs. GEM can help you address all of this and engage your organization.

“It is hard to understand if DEI efforts are worthwhile and drive change”
We know that DEI sometimes feels intangible. This is because it usually isn’t approached as other business problems. Companies haven’t developed appropriate KPIs to holistically measure and track DEI initiatives. We can change this and offer you a structured, data-centered process to ensure a positive impact on your company.

Bringing data, structure and accountability to your DEI process

can be a game changer!


GEM covers all aspects
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

GEM goes beyond
diversity to also address
equity and inclusion.


Five pillars of DEI

GEM goes past recruiting
and addresses all critical
aspects of DEI in the workplace.