Gender Equity Matters (GEM)
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At GEM, we envision a future of work that is diverse, equitable and inclusive.
Our mission is to transform companies to enable workplaces that are DEI and sustainable for everyone.

We drive innovation and financial performance by promoting equity and fostering diverse perspectives.

We empower people to reach their maximum potential by creating inclusive workplaces where everyone feels safe and valued.


The business case for diversity and
inclusion is stronger than ever!

Increased Innovation
Increased Innovation

DEI is critical for innovation. Organizations w/diverse workforces and leadership adapt better to changes.
They are more creative and better able to assess stakeholders needs and interests

Reduced harassment  and discrimination
Reduced harassment and discrimination

DEI environments reduce instances of harassment and discrimination and cause employees to feel valued, trusted and psychologically safe.

Improved financial performance
Improved financial performance

DEI leads to improved financial performance.
Organizations with above-average diversity on their leadership teams report improved productivity and economic growth (higher revenue and EBIT margins)

Better work-life balance
Better work-life balance

DEI teams promote more sustainable practices, such as work-life support programs:
• Higher employee satisfaction.
• Better adaptability to employees with carer responsibilities.

Enhanced reputation
Enhanced reputation

DEI boosts company's reputation.
• Investment in diversity enhances organizational reputation & brand.
• Diversity in boards increases compliance with regulations

Higher talent attraction & retention
Higher talent attraction & retention

DEI organizations are better at recruiting and retaining talent:
• Larger and more diverse pool of candidates.
• Higher commitment and lower levels of turnover.

DEI organizations are better at

recruiting and retaining talent.