Gender Equity Matters (GEM)
Let’s make the world a better place, one company at time.


New York, USA

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I strongly believe in the gravity and impact of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace (you can read more about it in Why Our Work Matters section).
I grew up in Argentina where opportunities for women were scarce. I was able to overcome challenging obstacles and became an engineer working in two of the most prestigious banking and consulting firms in the world.

Throughout my consulting years, I focused on deploying transformation projects for heavy industries (e.g. mining and oil & gas) where I faced challenging working environments. During this time, I obtained insight into the main problems that non-inclusive workplaces bring about. I realized that even though women gained access and opportunities in today’s modern world, the playing field was still skewed and unfair.
I decided to begin changing our world. I ran Women@BCG, worked in the Commission of Gender Equity for the state of NY, ran the Columbia Women in Business Conference and volunteered my time working in gender equity non-profits.

I learned that being academically and professionally successful in today’s world requires hard work. Unfortunately, some must work harder than others to achieve the same results. People’s gender, race, sexual orientation or even socioeconomic status continue to play an important role in their professional career. In our current society, the more diverse you are, the harder you need to work. People who belong to one or more minority groups, have to push harder, be stronger, become louder. Our workplace environments have not changed with our time. They do not embrace people’s uniqueness; they do not empower our employees. They hinder and wear down people’s creativity and raw talent.

This is where GEM comes in. I founded GEM to help companies create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world, starting from what I know best. I believe that GEM combines my passion for equity and my corporate work experience & academic background, to drive change in the right direction. GEM will modernize our workplaces, one company at a time.